Our Head Gardener, Matt joined the Kilver Court team in 2015 and manages a small team of gardeners who keep our garden looking stunning all year round.

"I started my career in horticulture working for the eminent garden writer and designer Emma Bond MSc. Her company specialised in re-designing large private gardens in and around Bath with a focus on modern cottage planting schemes and a restoration of Georgian and Victorian formal designs.

In 2015 I joined the Kilver Court team as Head Gardener where I manage a small team of gardeners in our 3.5 acre garden. I have always had a great love for the design and style of gardens with unusual planting schemes and I have found a great ally in this at Kilver in our founder and fellow plantsman Roger Saul.

During my time at Kilver, Roger and I have already created a brand new garden nursery and shop selling unusual plants and gifts, as well as seen redesigned a colossal 100 meter herbaceous border to a colourist planting scheme. I look forward to breathing even more new life into the garden with the next big project we undertake!"

- Matt Rees-Warren, Kilver Court Head Gardener

Matt is supported by a small team of experienced gardeners who care for the gardens 365 days a year. Chris Inchley has worked in the gardens since March 1983 and his recently celebrated his 20th anniversary working for the Saul family. Chris has been integral in the garden's design and upkeep since he joined over 3 decades ago, including the 7 hour weekly task of mowing the lawns! Visitors to our garden frequently comment on its beautiful upkeep and our gardening team will be happy to offer advice and ideas.