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Kilver Court
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Roger Saul was first alerted to the benefits of spelt by his sister Rosemary who was fighting cancer.  Rosemary's doctor had advised her to try this grain because of its naturally gentle digestive properties.

They could not find spelt being sold in Britain, so Roger chose to grow spelt as one of the first experimental crops at Sharpham Park. He imported seed from different European sources, and set out to find a crop producing grain suited to our soil and climate. With sustainability as his central ethos, Roger has pursued an organic spelt farming program since 2004, in order to produce the best spelt which in turn will give the greatest dietary benefits.

We also farm rare breed White Park cattle, Red deer and Hebridean and Manx Loghtan sheep.  The livestock, bred for their highly prized meats, is also raised to sustain the breeds and to fertilize the park.

The Sharpham Park food brand has been forged by a passion for responsibly farmed, healthy and natural food produced using a combination of traditional methods and modern technology.

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